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Rod knock. What to do.

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Hey everyone, im new to this forum and new to toyotas. Ive had a 92 celica st for a while as my daily driver. However, something happened to the car while my sister was driving it and now im sure it has rod knock. It sounds like a BB in a pop can and the sound stays on all the time even when the engine is warm. My question is what I should do now. Should I swap in the same engine for just a few hundred dollars, or should I go with a cheap swap? I usually work with hondas and have experience with swaps, cams, nitrous....etc....Can you guys tell me what generation I have and the engine code I have? I dont know anything about the generations yet but I do know about toyotas.

Whats a common swap thats not too expensive but decent?

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92 celica st- 5th gen with a 4afe

kinda limited with swaps without having to do major work. keep in mind that toyotas are not "plug and play" like hondas, your gonna have to swap out entire harnesses, i would say the easiest swaps would be a 4age, 4agze, or a 4age 20v. in that order.

depending on the money and time you are willing to spend, you could put a 3sge or gte in there. of course, that will be alot more complex.
What years do the 5th gens go from so I know what to look for. also, I looked up 4afe and it came up with Corolla stuff. Im guessing that this engine is also used in the corolla?
yeah, thats a corolla engine. the 5th gen goes from 90 to i think 95, but dont quote me on that. you wont find any of those engines in a celica though... look at corollas.
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