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Rod Runs Pigeon Forge, TN 4/17-1/19

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235 Pictures, mostly hot rods, bikes, trucks. There was also a skyline and a few imports. None of the imports got my attention, all honda and rice. Enjoy, I did. Runs 2009/
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makes you want a classic car so bad doesnt it! Oh, i didnt see all the pictures but i LOVE that Blue Robbon can Ignition coil pack, :lol: thats old school fixing right there :lol:
It doesn't make me want a classic car, made me want a muscle car..... So I bought one.
HAHA. Actually a few of those were just in the pic. But the two walking down the street, ya that was intentional, LOL. I completely forgot to bring my camera at night when all the girls came out to flash for beads. But I did get lucky in Tennessee, My crew and I were walking down the street drinking beer. About four girls stopped me and asked if I had more. I told them hell ya back at the hotel. So we went back, I checked I.D.'s (I know, I know, but I'm trying to get into the police academy so I gotta be on my p's and q's) and only one of them were 21, so she got to drink and stay the night with me, hehehehehe.
muscle/classic its all the same for me :lol:, so which one did you get?
I actually got back home on sunday night, called a buddy of mine that had a car for sale and bought it.
1986 Mustang GT with 1990 nose, 10point roll cage, tubular cross member with coilovers. No engine, trans or axles, but the housing is there. $500.00
that is a pants changer right there!!!! YOUR going to put up a thread of the build right? :]
that is a pants changer right there!!!! YOUR going to put up a thread of the build right? :]
Yes eventually. I gotta pick up some axles first and get it mobile. Then find a place for it at my house.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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