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rollas' rims

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How many of you rollas 03,04,05 have modified/changed your rims?

15' is a bit small i find. although i 'm a poor will just settle with my 15inch rims. i 'm thinkin of painting it gunmetallic colour with red calipers...what do you think?
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the car is black with tint
gunmetal would be sweet on black... im not into painting rims personally. Check my cardomain page below. Mines black with tint also, but wheels are silver
did you get new rims for that?
what's the rim size?
looks ill! i like it!
nice grill..what's the oval logo on it?
is that a real plate?
1> yeah... Motegi MR7s
2> 17x7
3> its a carbon fiber TRD emblem... nothin' big.
yeah, the plates real... Im living in Italy for a little while, cant wait to get back to Florida.
I think color coating the rims you have now is a good one. I wonna take the opportunity to post the pic of my favorite corolla. I love this one... so clean! These are 18s. Sorry I couldn't post a bigger pic, this is the only pic I have of this car. Check it out.

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Kasimmmmm: are you talking about colour coating the stock rims?
what size rims can you get..i mean can you get anything bigger than 18inch?
Yes, i'm talking about color coating stock rims. You can go with 19s but then your ride with be very rough and will slow your car like crazy. I'd stick with 17s or 18s if I were you. I"m selling brand new RSL Elities if you're interested.
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polo708: did yours come without the spoiler?and are you going to bring your car from italy to the states?

kasimmmm: do you own a store or something?
what brand are those rims? 5bolts? for corolla2004s?
nope, no spoiler... figured I could buy one I liked with the extra money I saved. Its US spoec so its comin with me!:D
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