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Roof Conversion???

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i'm looking at getting a stock 1995 mr2 gt-s hardtop and that has been imported into australia from japan. does anyone know if they're any good compared to other stock sw20 lines out there? :confused:

also is it possible to convert the hard top to a targa or even an electric sunroof? :naughty:

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targa is out of the question...i'm sure you can do the sunroof conversion..but what a waste of a hardtop...why don't you just import a turbo with t-tops...
You realize the hardtop is the most rare model of MR2??? It would be much easier to find one with T-Tops or a Sunroof from the factory. I always thought it would be kinda neat to see an MR2 with an FD style sunroof.... but I would never waste the money to do it myself.
i didn't know they were the rarest, i just really like the idea of having a hole in the roof of my car...well one that can be closed of course, targa is cool but doesnt look as good, i've seen sunroof mr2's on the net but i tihnk they are all from uk.

and piddy, what did u mean by fd style sunroof? u mean how it slides out above of the roof?

importing turbo t-top here costs lotsa $$$:sosad:
Couldn't find what I was looking for.... but something kinda like this....

Why would a hardtop be any cheaper to import than a t-top????
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who cares, your money...

I personally love T-tops and Targa tops, but if you wanna get a sunroof, there are companies around that convert hardtops to sunroofs..
sorry i meant importing full stop. how much is a post 94 turbo with either targa or sunroof to import? of course in good condition and decent km's.

and anyone knoe the rough cost of converting hard to targa or sunroof?
targa conversions are damn near impossible, unless your vehicle was already a t-top...

and sunroofs are added aftermarket all the time, actually...
targa is out of the question.
I paid about 700 USD to put a nice electric sunroof into my 1994 celica about 5 years ago, if i can find a picture, i'll put them up.
here they are, found a few, man these are old pictures lol
here is a side and front shot, no sun roof, shortly after getting the car

a week later i got it put in, you can see it in the background, ignore the idiot standing there :p hehe

ima poke around see if i stil have any interior shots of the roof. these images i have no idea how big they are so 56k beware
anyone know where i could find a targa for my 86 mk1 that already has a sunroof
ill bring the skil saw you provide the glass:rolleyes:
Please dont ruin a perfectly good hardtop by putting a sunroof. They are far to rare to be messing up. Just buy a t-top. And you cant do a targa conversion because the structural issues youd have.
lol OP has not posted in over a month. i think he already has made a decision.
re-reading i noticed you said sun roofs were all UK, I have one state-side :D factory too. aftermarket one was in my celica. which i traded for the mr2 lol.
hey all, yes you're right i have indeed made up my mind. i ended up buying the 1995 MR2 GT-S in tropical island blue colour. yes its a hardtop. i decided not to get the sunroof put in cos i dont want a dodgy job and i didnt want to hack up the prefectly good roofline.
The 91's that had sunroofs were dubed 90.5 year models. My friend and I dubed them that way, not sure if they really are the first few months of the 91 production line. But I've seen 91's with T-tops, and sunroofs so they must have made both in 91. They are slightly hard to find and most seem to be red for some reason. I've seen quite a few Stateside in Texas.
Thank god for saving a rare 2 ...... on the up side... keeping the hard top will give you better performance as there much lighter out of the factory then t-tops..... ive seen gutted hard top get down to high 2300lbs range in weight its amazing how much weight they add to the cars to put in t-tops.
over here in australia hardtop are not rare!

theres def more targas but hardtops are not an uncommon sight.

as far as the mr2 club of australia knows, theres only a single sunroof model. privately imported of course.
I have yet to see one in the states, but would love too. Later on when I have way too much money and time. I'm going to try to convert my mk1.5 to straight hardtop and remove the sunroof.
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