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Roof Rack

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Well I got the roof rack installed today!! The worst part was to line it up
so everything was straight. The second worst part, my buddy had to cancel
and had to get the wife to help with the roof rails. Yes it's a Yakima.
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Nice rack bitch..

j/k :lol:

Looks just like mine. How much did they set you back? My cap dealer said about 350$ , Im not going to tell you what I paid for my cap off craigslist.

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Rack about 350.00 Labor me free!!! Got the cap of of Craiglist also!!
Rack about 350.00 Labor me free!!! Got the cap of of Craiglist also!!
Nice CL rules sometimes. I bought and sold an Rv this week on CL. I pail 300$ for the cap and rack. I had to have it painted though. My stepdad and step brother own an autobody shop so it also cost me labor. I like your style of cap better. I love the glass on yours. :thumbup:
How did you seal up the holes after drilling them in the top of the shell? I picked up some RTV adhesive silicone sealant, but I'm not sure if this is the right stuff. Should I just put the sealant in the holes or on the bolts and then install the hardware before it dries? Never messed with silicone sealant, and I don't want to find out the hard way that I messed up...
Nice rack. I am thinking of doing this, but also installing the rack for the toyota DC on top of the roof for those odd times when I need to carry something long (14') and can't barrow a 12' truck.

Yeah, getting it all lined up is the hardest part. Here's how I did mine.
2nd page of this thread.
You might use 3M 5200 sealant. Works on boats.

It can be smoothed out with your finger but tape off any areas you don't want it to make clean up easier. You will have to cut through the sealant to remove item installed with this.
That stuff is some serious shit. here is a tip. Soak the tube in some HOT water for 15 minutes before using it. :thumbup: When the stuff dryes its like plastic.
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