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Hello to all from Southern California.

New to Forum and MR2’s.
I’ve been reading posts and have to say that you guys know your stuff.

I had a 91 CRX si the was stolen, I replaced it with a White 93 MR2. Its completely stock except for a TRD short throw. The car is in good to excellent condition.

Two problems that I would like to fix, I’m hoping for some advice.

1st, the brakes. Whenever I backup or go forward turning right, the driver side rear brake rotor grinds on something. There is a half inch wide grind mark on the face towards the top of the rotor. Turning left is just fine. I have not had the chance to take the wheel off because I was busy making space in the garage for the car this weekend. I will take the wheel off this weekend. In the mean time I was hoping for suggestions as to what I should look for and what may be the problem.

2nd the power antenna. The previous owner tried to replace the power antenna and discarded the antenna boot (grommet) that attaches to the spoiler. I was wondering if anyone knew a part number of where I could purchase a replacement.

I want to thank you in advance and I hope that I may be able to contribute in the future.


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Southern California
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Welcome to TN. Glad to see some more SoCal people in here. What city are you from?? Are you turbo or NA?

I'm not sure about the rotor problem... your best bet would be to get in there and see exactly what it is rubbing on first. If it has been happening for a while you should be able to notice it pretty quickly.

The antenna... head down to your local Toyota Stealership.... and go to the parts department. They hate me for this.... but just go in there and bug the hell out of them until they find the part. If you call... or just ask... they will say they don't have it... don't carry it... etc. But if you give them enough crap they can usually find that kind of stuff for you. Make sure you mention that the antenna comes out of the wing, and isn't above the drivers side door. Maybe drag the guy outside with you... so he REALLY knows what to look for. Make them turn the screen so you can go through the parts cataloge too.... this always helps me.

With just a part of an antenna... you shouldn't have too much trouble getting it. But I can guarantee you will be back them for some other crazy ass part.... always seems to happen :(

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Thank Ish and Jekyl!

Here's the scoop!

On the antenna,
Headed down to the stealership and did what you told me, the parts guy took a look at the car and ordered me the part, WRONG PART!!!! Anyway, I don’t think that Toyota sells the grommet by itself and I may have to buy the entire Antenna unit. I’m considering glassing over the hole, repainting it and installing an antenna elsewhere. I'm still thinking about it.

On the rotor,
I went to replace the brake pads last night and noticed that the cage that surrounds the calipers was grinding against the rotor. I thought it was bent and was going to buy a new one the next day. After replacing the pads and reinstalling the wheel I shook the wheel just to make sure that I tightened the bolts completely. The wheel moved about ¼ inch each way. It seems that the only thing keeping the wheel from shaking were the brake pads. After further inspection, I noticed that the axel was sliding in and out where it was attached to the rear hub. I tightened the axel bolt and put it back together.

No more grinding! I noticed that before the fixed it, I could feel the car drifting back and forth at high speeds! Now the car handles like a dream.

Thanks again,
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