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i completed the rear disc conversion, but i used cheap ebay rotors and pads in case i ruined it i didnt want to loose too much money.

my question is since i got it all working i want to buy nice rotors and pads, and i want a matching set all the way around, but i cant find a matching set to work with the rear of a 96 celica gt and the front for a 1998 corolla. any suggestions? reputable brands please.
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Did you look at I did a quick search and it looks like you could get Brembo rotors and Hawk HPS pads both models. I didn't check to see if they were rears on the Celica but I don't know why they wouldn't be.
Why not just wait till the rotors and pads wear down? Do you do alot of hard driving. Do you feel any brake fade, or the brakes just dont bite hard enough?
I would wait until the brakes wear out first or else you're just throwing money away.

My recommendation would be cryo-treated Powerslot rotors and Hawk HP+ pads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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