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Hello Guys,
I have a 1996 DX 1.8L Corolla

I cant find anywhere the minimum thickness for the rotors and brake pads ....any idea please ?
Ive been looking everywhere on the internet and I cant find it...
thank you so much

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Some is available in the service specification section of your owner's manual - 1 mm for pads and shoes.

If you don't have it here's a link to the PDF of that chapter: (see p 195 / p3 of the PDF).

What it doesn't appear to have is wear limit on rotors and drums. I'd have to look at my factory service manual when I'm back home but chances are others will beat me to it and post here before I get that far :)

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Search on ‪‬. Pick a few different rotors and drums and click on info to see if the particular item has a spec table.

I usually just buy new rotors/drums instead of resurface them, but some members like the original factory stuff and will resurface them (if still thick enough).

There are coated rotors/drums for better rust resistance. Look for the heart symbol (popular item) on rockauto to see what people are buying.
So take your pick. Google up a 5% discount code too.

Drum, Max diameter 201 mm or 7.91"‬‬

Rotor, Min thickness 0.79" or 0.787"‬

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From my 1997 Toyota Repair Manual !!!

Front brake pad thickness STD: 12.0 mm
Front brake pad thickness Minimum: 1.0 mm

Front brake disc thickness STD: 22.0 mm
Front brake disc thickness Minimum: 20.0 mm
Front brake disc runout Maximum: 0.05 mm

Rear brake drum inside diameter STD: 200.0 mm
Rear brake drum inside diameter Maximum: 201.0 mm
Rear brake show lining thickness STD: 4.0 mm
Rear brake show lining thickness Minimum: 1.0 mm

Rear brake drum to shoe clearance: 0.6 mm

Brake pedal height (from asphalt sheet): 143.6-153.6 mm
Brake pedal freeplay: 1-6 mm
Brake pedal reserve distance at 490 N (50 kgf, 110.2 lbf): More than 70 mm
Brake booster push rod to piston clearance (w/SST): 0 mm

Parking brake lever travel at 196 N (20 kgf, 44.1 lbf): 4-7 clicks
Parking brake clearance between rear shoe and lever: Less than 0.35mm
Parking brake adjusting shim thickness: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.9 mm
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