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I just bought my first Toyota Pickup and I'm already in love:thumbsup:. Its a 1987 with 93000 original miles. It has the 22r with automatic transmission. The only issue I'm having with this truck is when I start it for the first time in the morning it idles rough. Even after I let it warm up for about 10 minutes and I'm stopped at a stoplight in Drive it wants to die. It shakes really bad and lunges. But when I take off it runs fine. Doesn't cut out or miss. The guy I bought it from drove it every day and he changed the wires,plugs, fuel filter, and even used some carb cleaner with no prevail. But if I stop somewhere and start it up it runs fine. My guess is that the choke isnt shutting off and before I buy a new carb I want to make sure my guess is correct. Thanks.

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... before I buy a new carb I want to make sure my guess is correct.
There's things to check before you spend $400 on a rebuilt carb.

Does it ever idle OK when stopped and in gear?
Does it idle when stopped and in Neutral?
What is the idle speed (RPMs)?

Could be the AAP diaghram has a leak, it's easy to check and replace if need be.
SEARCH this forum for info, it's been discussed many times.
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