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rough idle

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I was just given an 85 extra cab from my brother with 183,000 miles on it.This vehicle was purchased new by him and has been almost flawless.Been in the family a long time.In 2000 the head gasket was leaking water.He replaced the head gasket but put it on wrong and ruined the head.No oil was getting to it.So he put a used head on it.Ever since then it has has a strange miss to it.Sometimes it idles good.Other times it stumbles.It also back fires every once in awhile so I am thinking something with the timing.This truck has sat for about 3 years.I drove it home today with new gas and it runs excellent on the highway.Just backfires a little between gears. Can anyone help?I would love to keep this truck on the road..It does have a new cap and rotor.Thanks
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