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01 5sfe camry in Australia

car starts and runs great when cold

when engines hot more so on hot days, hard to start 10min-30min after turning off, need to put pedal down and can take a while.

Idle while hot will sometimes be 700-800 normal, then jump to 1200 and stay there for 10 seconds before going back down to 700-800

idling at a red light with the aircon on caused the car to stall

Have tested coolent temp sensor and air temp sensor with multimeter

have been told the car smells like it’s running rich

Plan was to buy an after market o2 senor wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions?


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Has it thrown any MIL codes? The proper way to test the ECT sensor is to immerse probe end of sensor into near-boiling water while observing the resistance curve with your multimeter. If it falls out of its tolerance then it needs replaced. And which air temp sensor did you check? The one that is for the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) or the one for the ambient air temperature (AAT)? And the 2001 model also has a MAF airflow sensor, but not too sure how the Australian market outfits the emission standards for you guys. Also check the wiring harnesses and connectors to all these sensors as your car is at least 22 years old now, and things are getting old and brittle and corroded. Check for pushed/bent/corroded/broken pins and receptacles in the wiring harnesses and have a helper do the wiggle test on suspect wiring harnesses and connectors while you monitor the instrument cluster/gauges/obd2 reader live data while testing for intermittent faults. Also listen for vacuum leaks as well because that will cause similar symptoms. Your Idle Air Control (IAC) is also suspect. Make sure the throttle plate and intake are clear of carbon buildup. You'll have to remove the intake air plenum to check/clean this area. But MIL codes might be the quickest way to find out what's going on with your car.

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Maybe the choke, I guess that actually would be the idle air control (IAC) is staying in cold mode? The IAC is fairly easy to clean....lots of instructions here on that. I think that could cause the engine to die with he air on but often just shows up as a super low idle. I haven't had issues with a hot start with a sticking IAC though so.....maybe someone else will chime in with their 2-cents.
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