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Rpm Problem

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Hey guys this problem just started yesterday morning on the highway in fresh snot the car was shaking between 20-40KPH, i thought it may have been from the packed show on the road, but once i got off the highway the car was doing the "funky chicken" in idle, was all jumpy and when i opened the hood the engine was jumpy as hell,, the RPM's were fluctuating between something like 5k and 8k.

I got this car at 93500KMS and am now at 98000, I am wondering if i need a tuneup or if anyone else has any ideas,

this problem is becoming more frequent , and i have had a hard time starting the car a few times now also (6 turnovers)

Please let me know your input,

OH yea its a V6 5Speed Solara

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i cannot understand your post. you mean you thought there was some snow on the road and the rpm is jump up to 500 to 800 (if it jump 5k to 8k, you are in seious trouble with your car).

there are many possible reasons, i would suggest you go try to tune up first. tune up as change spark plug, engine oil, oil iflter, air filter...etc. but i think it might be your MAF sensor is having trouble.
The dealership said some kind of idle seal or something, however they fixed it for free so i cant complain :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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