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RPS' website is
Don't let the the poor web design skills fool you. Did research on the RPS and there are numerous members that have taken out their ACT clutches (or other) for the RPS.
I opted for the Sport Series w/ street disc cuz the 6 puck might be overkill. I'm going bolt-on's anyhow.

The site lists a few of their distributors. Even one in the Toronto area, . I was going to buy from them to save myself the hassle of US shipping/customs and all that good stuff. They were charging $440CAD +tax.

After doing a bit more research, I came upon a local Celica owner who ordered from . So, I emailed them about price, shipping methods, yadda yadda. In the end, my total came to $414CAD shipped ($298US). 8) They were very quick w/ email replies and it was shipped surprisingly quick. I ordered it on a Mon. and I got it on Wed. I was expecting it a week later!


street disc pic#1

street disc pic#2

pressure plate

I got installed today.

Apparently, dropping the tranny to get to the clutch was a PITA (pain in the @$$). Even w/ an ex-Toyota tech. in the shop's roster. I could've actually had some motor mounts installed cuz they needed to shift the engine to get the tranny out! My stock pressure plate was in poor shape. There were nasty grooves on the surface supposedly from riding the clutch too often. Um. Not me. My wifey drives this beast too. :D The stock disc was still in fairly good condition. I'll get some pics up tomorrow of both the stock pressure plate and disc. It was too dark out to get any decent shots.

When I got there, my car was still up on the hoist and they were feeding it Motul synthetic tranny oil. A freebie. 8) So when that was done, it was lowered to the ground and they started was idling HIGH?! It was close to 3000rpm. Wot da hek? So we popped the hood and I pointed out why...they tucked the throttle cable UNDER the CAI tube. That caused the cable to pull itself a bit and rev more. Quickly fixed that and idle went back to normal.

INITIAL DRIVING IMPRESSIONS...dang, I'm in love w/ my car again!
- Clutch engagement is pretty much right off the floor. It took a little getting used to considering my stock clutch engaged almost at the top!
- Pedal feel is actually softer than stock. Not a whole lot. But it's softer.
- Does it want to grab? Oh yes it does. I was just granny shifting and moderately on the gas and feels more aggressive than stock.

I'm probably not gonna attempt hitting lift after I've broken it in so I won't feel its full potential til then. I can't wait though.
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