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RS Hatchback

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OK. I'm buying an 05 RS hatchback. Any current owners have any complaints about them that might be easily rectified in my pre delivery once over, or things I should be looking for that might not be correct from the assembly line?

I put my deposit down and have my car on order this morning and just want to be ready to have them fix things before I get it, so they pay and not me :)

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I have the same car as you and so far I had only 1 very little problems whit my toyota echo hatchback. I've heard 1 rattle one comming from the passenfer doors and it took the mecanics about 5 minutes to fix it. It was a small piece of plastique inside the door that was loose.

for far 0 problems or complainte to do

I hope I help have a good day
Thanks. Arrived already and I can't find anything wrong with it...that can't be fixed with some aftermarket components :)

My 5dr hatchback arrived 2 days ago. So far I like it a lot--except that the CD player skips over every single bump. Anyone else have this problem with Toyota's stock player?
Haven't tried it yet, but the sound is perhaps the worst I've heard in radio, even with the speaker upgrade. I think my first car, an 81 civic with 2 speakers and the dealer installed am fm radio, sounded better than this!

in related news, the god damn hood deflector isn't worth shit. 2 stone chips in 120 km total driving and neither was anywhere the thing. It's still perfect. Glad they gave me a paint pen...I may have one for sale soon if I get another mark!


Did you get the CD player with MP3 or without?
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