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Running Boards

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I'm looking for some info on running boards for my 05 Tacoma DCab. Are they fairly easy to install or does it depend a lot on the kind that I get? Anybody got any non-factory running boards that you think look great? Do you have a picture of your truck with boards on them?
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Here you go brother. I should be studying for my final right now. But ToyotaNation is better.

I got my step-tubes from Toyota. They were roughly $360 dollars with a 10% off coupon. I had them installed at a local CustomTruck store. They are so easy to install. All you gotta do is bolt it on to the frame. 6 to 8 bolts I am not sure. No drilling at all.

I got the Toyota tubes becuase they come with warranty and they hooked me up with 10% off. Just find a coupon and get them. They really match my silver truck too.
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Thanks, I wasn't sure about the drilling part of it. I figured they would be pretty easy but then again you never know. Thanks for the pic, I really like how the tubes look. I'm not a big fan of the flat black ones that I see on a lot of Tacomas. That color almost perfectly matches the silver in your truck.

This is a pic of my truck, bland as it may be. Upgrades take time and money.
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I have the toyota tube steps as well and they are really easy to install. Here is a thread that has a lot of information about them. I bought mine on ebay for $290
Those look awesome. Thanks for the link to ebay too!
I installed Aries tube steps on my Indigo Pearl DC. I'm @ work right now but will take pics when I get home.
Each step is held on by 3 brackets, each bracket is held by two bolts. The underneath of the cab already has the nuts in place. If you look under there, you will see plastic plugs filling in the holes where the bolts go. Just pop out the plugs and put the bolts in their place. An easy do-it-yourself job.
thanks for all the info everybody, i appreciate the help. installing these myself makes the upgrade more manageable for my wife :)
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