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Running larger tires...

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Alright, currently I have the truck in my signature. I think 33" tires look a little small on my 7" lift. I would like to run 37" tires. Would I be hurting anything if I did so? I have all the stock ring and pinions, hubs, everything except the wheels. If I can't run 37"s, do you think 35"s would hurt anything?
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Your gonna have some issues with power..
I personally would go with 35" tires which u will still have trouble with trying to pull hills and stuff
power is a big issue in goin with even bigger tires. with a 7in lift i would go with 35-37's really just depends on how much space u want to leave in ur wheel wells. ur gonna wanna check out gettin some stabilizers, i know that when i get my lift (not sure when) im gonna check them out. hear it is a good idea to have them with larger tires. keep us updated!
You would need to get different gear ratios in order to run those tires. You might also need much wider rims to handle the size.
Go here and see what happens with the extra tire size.
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