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Running Open Header - Open turbo mani :o

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Basic question, can I run open header (3sgte manifold with ct26) but no piping. So no pressure will enter the engine. Can I drive to my exhaust shop (5miles at most) and get my piping done. or should I get towed to the exhaust shop? thanks
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You should be fine with a open header, cuz we drove my buddies car to the shop with an open down pipe. It will sound like ass, but just keep the boost down and get it there, u should be ok.
yah just dont push much, and dont let off gas immediately and like crazy (could crack something that gets hot (turbo parts)).
yeah just take it easy on the way there. I am sure the local cops wont like it very much or your neighbors so you may not want to be on the throttle real hard.
should be no promblem, but i know it will sound damn good because my friend runs an open downpipe on his 300hp saab, and it sounds damn good...
I dont know why people like the sound of it. Sounds like a god damn Harley or something. Not my style. Really, if I were you, be patient and wait till you get headers put on before you work with the piping
open headers sound aight and or downpiping but it is way too loud for my taste i got downpiping w/ a cannister that has a silencer on it and i love the way mine sounds but just straight downpiping is way 2 loud
oh i know its going to be loud. Okay so you guys think ill be good then driving it and not reving too high?
No, dont drive it. If you wanna do it right, tow your car to the exhaust shop, have it put on, and then tow it again to get dyno tuned. You never wanna drive a car after doing a turbo setup before youve at least evened out the a/f ratio. Also, if you dont have an O2 bung on your downpipe you cant get exhaust gas readings, or be able to have an ETG (DUH)...
haha... your so right.
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