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running to different size rear tires

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would running a 17000 mile tire on the RR and a new (spare tire) on the LR cause any differential overheating problems or is that not enough of a tire size difference to matter? i got a flat today and it sliced the tire enough that it couldn't be fixed so i put on my spare and went on my way. i'm not 100% sure i want to replace my tires yet since they only have 17k miles on them. anyone think this could cause a rear diff problem with the different tire circumferences since one is new and the other has 17k on it.
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I wouldn't think that it should matter with that little of a difference. If you had two different sized tires ( a 265 on one side and a 285 on the other) then yeah I would absolutely be worried. I think that your fine as long as they are the same size tires. If your really worried just put it on the front and stay out of 4wd until you get a new tire.
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