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runs then dies

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complete rebuild on 22re more things than i can list. every thing put back together, starts runs for about 3 seconds then dies. starts then dies. Any ideas anyone, totally baffled..............
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Have you checked the VAFM?
Since there are many possibilities, tell us what you have checked so far and how.
Runs and dies

The fact that it starts would cancel out most ignition problems; i would suspect you have a "fuel starvation issue" not enough fuel in the float bowl.

Did you overhaul the carburetor or has it sat for some period of time?, check the sight glass it should show mid-way. Or the float could be stuck.

Good luck!
22re is fuel injected. No carb.
Sounds like fuel starve to me, Spritz some starter fluid into the intake just before she dies, not too much!!! works on the wife.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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