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I walked outside today and found rust under the door. there isn't much, but still noticeable. Whats the best way to get rid of it? Its probably like 2 square inches.
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you need to cut it away to clean metal, glue in a patch panel with panel glue, seal it with sealant, blend it with bondo, prime it, paint it.

in short, if you've not done much body work before you wont be able to make a lasting repair yourself. just bondo'ing it will make it worse.
Dam. Turns out it rusted through and it comes out at the fender. I was thinking of just stuffing bondo in there and hope it holds. Whats the alternative, since i dont know much about body work?
Bondo is not the answer, it's a temporary bandaid solution from what my mechanic tells me.

I've got the same problem and would like to know as well.
im thinking about taking it to a body shop, but its gonna pricey. And i dont want to spend too much on it.
well either fix it right or dont fix it. i'm not fixing my rust and its getting worse this winter, its not worth it for me.
i just got some estimates this morning. And its gonna cost everywhere from 350-600 dollars.
cut, flange and weld in a new patch.
welding on such thin steel will distort it too much, use panel epoxy. its alot easier, cheaper (if you dont have a welder), you dont have to worry about burning anything behind the work area, it wont damage the paint on the backside of the work area, etc etc. pretty much all body shops that put in patch panels use the epoxy now a days.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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