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'87 AE-91 Corolla, 5A Fuel Injected engine.

Sprung this leak the other day in the pipe that takes water from the engine head to the heater and throttle. Not sure what this part is called, but if you check the picture it's pretty obvious. This is the fitting that sits next to the head and the thermostat goes into it and several hoses come off it. You can see the hole in the small pipe. (Hole wasn't originally this big, it got bigger taking the part out)

I had a similar problem on my girlfriend's Fiat, and the little copper pipe just fell out of that one so it was easy to replace. But this one is really stuck. The local junk yard want $100 for the entire replacement part. But I'm tempted just to get some plumbing part and epoxy it in if I can get the old pipe out. Should the pipe just pull out, or should I hacksaw it off?

Second question: This fitting had two rubber rings between it and the engine head. I'm guessing replacements for those are going to be impossible to find. Will it be OK just to cut and glue a gasket in there when I put it back on?

Thanks for any advice and hope I'm posting this in the right place.
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