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rx 300 push bars ?

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has anyone come across any other style of grille guards besides the ones that waag has ? i'm looking for a push bar for my rx 300.
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im looking for something like this for the 2002 rx300. does anyone know what toyota grille guards fit on the rx?
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Check they make real nice stuff, I guess if you have the $ to buy a Lexus you won't mind their high price. They are stainless and light compared to steel bars.n Nicest I've seen
thanks for the link !:thumbup:
it was just what i was looking for, lightweight too !

anyone else have links ? i wanna take a look at a few more styles before i make my pick.
my my my, you weren't kidding about the high price.

best quote was $580

lol they go for $750
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Don't these interfere with the plastic cover underneath for oil filter removal?
i have no idea. the bars (center protector) alone should not interfere with that but you should be able to remove the oil filter thru the engine bay [i have yet to change the oil myself in the RX]. other than that the scuff protector (metal plate under bumper) might make it tricky to get to anything under it.
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