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RX300 Front Trailer Hitch?

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Can a trailer hitch be mounted to the front of an RX300? Who makes one?
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The term of the art is "Front mounted receiver". I've had one on my
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for 8 years. Great mount for the winch, good
way to drive a trailer into a tight spot. Handy for mounting a bike
rack. Mine is a Draw Tite, easy bolt on install, replaces the skid

That said they don't seem to list one on their website for any Lexus.
Is there enough metal structure to support a FMR? I have designed,
built and installed one for my 88 Jeep Cherokee and used the tow hook
mounts to do it. Does the RX have tow hooks as an option?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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