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S-Afc II

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I was just wondering when I go to HIN they make you disconnect your battery, so my question is will all my settings that are logged in my S-Afc II be lost or does it store them so when I reconnect they will be the same. Thanks alot
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why do they make you disconnect your battery?
initial-T said:
why do they make you disconnect your battery?
yeah thats weird...does it have something to do with the car not being turned on during the show or something?
^ 12V high current (40+ amp) power supply.

I use to work at a car stereo & alarm shop as a installer and also compete in IASCA and thats what we use.
Its a safety regulation, but back on topic does anyone have an answer about the safc.:D
I wish I knew a way of saving my program on apexi afc but i dont! any ideas....electro geaks?
Check out the Apexi site they say something about saving settings under the Q and A area. I think the site is (not sure completely)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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