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S/C MR2 turbo timer question

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Hey guys-

I noticed the other day that GReddy makes a turbo timer harness designed specifically for the MKI MR2s that are supercharged. At first I was interested, then I thought about it and I was thinking that there would be no possible advantage to this other than perhaps to let the engine cycle down a little. After all, the SC12 supercharger on the MR2 or the 4A-GZE in general for that matter, has its own oil supply independent of the engine itself, and the idea of the turbo timer is to cycle the engines oil through at idle to cool and ultimately prolong life of the turbocharger generally, or in this case supercharger. So, if any of you guys could throw out your opinion on this, and tell me if I am just imagining or am thinking sensibly and this would be a complete waste of time in general. I mean, if not to help the supercharger, obviously one could just let the car idle before shutting it off for a few seconds. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks again!
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the only thing that comes to mind is if someone had a twincharged MKI.

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