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s2000 antenna conversion

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Well for the Antenna conversion in the FAQ's i read it but there isn't enough detail for me to even attempt this. Can anyone give me a more detailed break down on everything. Maybe someone has complete pictures and a walk-thru like that. I really get annoyed of that darn antenna going up and down. Thanks
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you can always disconnect the motor so it doesnt go up and down (blue plug), i forgot to plug it back in once but still got pretty good receoption
I just did it on my car. Just take the assembly out and literally bolt in the new one you bought. throw the old setup in the trash and call it a day.
i thought it might just be that easy but i think i saw a site where someone had pictures of this mod, thats why i wanted to post it up seeing as how i might catch a break and someone would recall the same thing i saw and post up the link or something similar to that. I always like to see stuff before i actually do it thats how i get things done:rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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