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S2000 vs G35 vs WRX vs RX8 vs RSX vs Miata video...

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nice lil vid i found....interesting to see the G35 hold its on on a road course....too bad toyota doesn't have a sport compact to compete in here.....
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I'm getting really crappy speeds of this server. But, if that BM means Best Motoring, it's definately a good watch. I've got hundreds of MB worth of them (and gigs of Top Gear!). Different server?

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Nice vid.

It seamed like the RX-8 handled with the best of them, but it didn't have the straight-line acceleration to hold it's own in the straight. Even the RSX walked the RX-8 on the strait bit.

S2000 is a great track car:thumbup:

Miata is slow:lol: :thumbdown

Did you guys see on the turn before the last one, right before the camera cuts away you see the G35 coming out of the corner in oposite lock, he was going for it on that one:cool: :thumbup:

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the G35 in full-on power oversteer was a thing of beauty! Wasn't expecting the S2000 to do as well as it did, or the RSX for that matter, and the RX8 is nice but overrated imo


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sweet vid! thanks. I got 100kb/sec...but i was d/l at 11pm at night :D

know where i can get more videos like this, besides kazaa? i love to watch stuff like this ( i don't have cable tv so can't watch speed channel or spike channel). i'm trying not to use kazaa bec of all the spyware they secretly install on your computer
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