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Sad Sad day !!!

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Its a sad day for me ... Because my Celica is leaving my collection and going back to its original owner...

heres a couple of pics of my baby...

I feel like I'm letting go a child... :sosad:
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Why oh why would you do such a thing. The car looks inmaculate, I'd rather sell the wife or kids rather than selling the car.

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If the original owner took good car of it (must have to be in this condition) at least your should be happy that its going to a good home! Are you selling it/trading it and if so for how much?

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Also, has anyone bought or looked at the new Sport Compact Car mag? Kinda looks like Wraith's Celica on page 89 covering the Toyota Owner and Restorer's Club

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I was planning on letting it go because of money problems... But currently re-thinking of selling it because I love this car soo much and it feels like someone asked me to sell them one of my balls because I am kinda attached to it ... I treat all my cars like kids... sooo I grow very attach to them, so its kinda hard for me ...

Its also really hard to do 3 car project at once... And the Celica is being left out most of the time... I've been concentrating more on the Camry and the Echo...
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