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so i dont post much but im just sayin that i had soooo many plans for me to get a tacoma but then all of a sudden i decide to go overseas to bank in some extra money for med school and it all sounds like a good deal....

i plan on doin a contractin job as an EMT somewhere overseas...not sure where yet....but as im lookin at different places and how much they pay....and how much they pey for when you ar there like food, home, utilities, etc i decided that it sounds like a good idea......its a learnin experience and i can get out of va to see some other stuff on my own....

but then sadly i notice that i wont be able to get my truck if i i am very disappointed to say that i cant get a tacoma....but hey when i come back(idk if thats like 1 or 2 at the most years) if i do even get the job then ill have enough money to not even worry bout payin it off and so forth.....

so hey wish me luck and every1 enjoy your tacoma but i wont be able to get one for a while now....:sosad:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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