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Got a letter today from Toyota Canada about a faulty electronic control unit (ECU) for 2012 - 2018 Avalon. Also for 2011 - 2014 Corolla and Matrix.

The subject vehicles may be equipped with an electronic control unit (ECU) from a specific supplier designed to receive signals from crash sensors and deploy the air bags and seat belt pretensioners. The ECU may not have adequate protection against certain electrical noise that can occur in certain crashes, such as severe underride crashes. This can lead to incomplete or non deployment of the air bags and/or seat belt pretensioners. Airbags and seat belt pretensioners that do not deploy as intended can increase the risk of injury in a crash.

Toyota is currently preparing the remedy. When the remedy becomes available, in most cases, Toyota dealers will install a noise filter between the airbag control module and its wire harness. in some cases, Toyota dealers may inspect the ECU to determine if the noise filter is necessary before installing it. The remedy will be free of charge to you

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I received a similar notice in the U.S. It also stated that they were "preparing the remedy". It advised me that I would be notified when a remedy became available.

My impression was that the letter I received was just a lawyer's way of fulfilling a requirement of the government to notify owners by a certain time. No solution is available yet, so what purpose does the letter really serve?

NHTSA notice to dealers in the U.S.

Safety recall 20TA03 (interim notice 20TB03) FAQs
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That`s all folks ! C.Y.A. talk talk talk, Soon to be the new normal with all the newer high tech cars nowadays. It`s either too difficult to diagnose, or too costly to determine and repair. Unless we are paying. I remember a long long time ago. The dreaded replacement of spark plugs,wires, points, condensers,solid lifter cams, and the big worry was a transmission. Today`s concerns seem endless with all the electronics, and the path they, and we are heading down. Leasing may soon become a better option?
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