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Sagging rear

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Oh boy, my first thread!
When I tow my camp (trailer #3200 dry plus lots of gear) my 09 Sport LB Double Cab 4x4 really sags.

I am looking into the TSB for the issue, and I am confident that if my dealer won't do it now they will in a few months when Toyota updates the TSB for the 09's.

My question is, will the TSB actually solve the problem? I had Timbrens(?) rubber bumpers on my 05 Taco and it really solved the problem but it cost $200+ and I don't want to spend that money if I don't have to, plus it didn't really improve the ride.

How about the helper springs I see? Much cheaper, but do they work?

Or get a load leveling hitch on the camper since that is my only heavy load? Do these really work? Thanks
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If you can get the dealer to do the tsb for free then go for it. It will help. You'll probably have to also get a load leveling hitch. You should also put your gear into the rear of the camper to shift some tongue weight away from the taco.
I haul a 7x14 enclosed trailer (1800lbs) loaded with 3 dirt bikes, gear, gas (1000lbs) I don't have the TSB and my sag was pretty bad. I put on the $25 helper springs and it helped out quite a bit. It still sags but not near as much as it did before.
The TSB will help but it is no "fix all". Toytec just came out with a 1" AAL that is supposed to be better then the TSB... I think it's about $80. I'm concidering the AAL myself eventhough I have the TSB, I still bottom out now and then.

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