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sagging seat belts

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well i guess for a 96 camry i shouldn't expect the seat belts to be the best at retraction but eh it bothers be at times. so my question is there an easy way the retention the spring so that it will pull back the seat beals easy with me having to force feed it?
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not realy,when it starts to sag it is ether dirty or the spring is worn out.if it is dirty you have to pull it all apart and clean it.
just get a new one and replace it
It's probably best to go to the local scrapyard and replace it...
Sealt belt issues should not be delayed. Its your SAFETY (or others in the car, if its not the drivers side) that on the line. Get it checked. I had my celica belts checked when it was 10 years old. the dealership told me nothing needed change (serive also included checking SRS airbag sensors) If memory serves me right, they only charges labor - ie. 1/2 hour (thats like $35 dollars).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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