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well, im seriously contemplating goin out and finding a solid front axel from some junker. what year is going to be the best for me to put on?? subliminal i know you said that the 84 axel was better than any older one.... but do you know which one will be the best, if i have any choice at all of which year to get?

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Avoid the '79 as the axle truss wasn't added til '80. Other than that, it doesn't really matter. Use FJ40 vented rotors and the calipers from a V6 4x4, it all bolts on directly. For more info check out ->
thanks DCM. basically im thinkin about gettin the axel, cleanin it up and gettin the brakin system on it. then wait to get the money for a lift kit from marlin crawler! i would think about the 3 link system from trail gear but i really dont think i want something THAT extreme!

The crossover steering from sky mfg. in Oregon is nice; I just put one on mine.

Crossover steering is a must with a sas.
the marlin crawler kit includes crossover! i wouldnt buy a kit if it didnt have crossover

i've been contemplating the SAS too, but i decided that i'll put my IFS to the test. when i start breaking stuff, i'll do the swap. :)

post lots of pics!

well, mine is gonna be a while before it will be done. once i buy the axel, it just gonna sit until i can afford thelift kit. then i have to figure out the welding part......? i really want to go buy a welder and learn how but once again, its just more money out of my pocket! my bigger problem is that i dont hav another vehicle to drive when i work on my truck. so im kind of in a pickle about how to do all this stuff and make it work so that im not out of a car for a while.

get an 84-85 sfa. they have a second truss on the top any axel 79-85 will work but the 84-85 are stronger. the trail gear front kit comes with the upper axel truss as well as a complete rebuild kit for the knuckles,hubs and its cheaper. marlin's stuff is very nice too but its a little more expensive but has its advantages too. i know the trail gear ifs eliminator has the rotors and spacers included for the front for $1099 its really up to you man. i reccomend you buy a welder from somewhere like harbor freight if money is an issue. then practice on some scrap metal until you feel confident welding on your truck. that or get the welder and make friends with somebody who knows how to use it and offer them a favor or cash in return....
well, lookin at the trailk gear stuff, which is actually only about $50 more, i think i will go with......... trail gear. they have a 7 leaf pack instead of a 6 leaf pack, and it have the knickle rebuild. i think trail gear will be my better option.
i really want to get a welder and learn how, i just dont know if i will have the time, and the money, to do it!

you should try to find somebody who welds and have them help you. im sure you could find somebody who knows somebody who would take a little cash to weld it up in their spare time for ya. ever think of going to the loical community college? they often take projects like that in for people who wont sue them for screwing it up. you could always take a welding class at the college too! im sure you could weld it up yourself with a little practice. go to harbor freight and get one of their 200 dollar gas/flux 220v welders and a gas kit for another 75 bux and practice in your free time. if you dont have a 220v receptical available you can use a 110v welder but you should look into a lincoln like dave got. i think they are about 300 bux fot the welder and about 100 bux for the gas kit. linvoln is a way better welder but i prefer 220v to get the penetration on the thick stuff. 110 v will penetrate just fine but the 220v makes it easier.

ps you can do it without gas but i would not reccomend it. gas welds are 1000000 times better and alot stronger.
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most likely i will get a welder and practice and then do it myself. this whole process will take a while from beginning to completion, so its not like im gonna be goin out tomorrow to buy a welder. with the lincoln, is that a 220v??

Depends what model you get. The more serious welding you're doing (more amperage), the more power you'll need. Like subliminaltrips said, go for a 220V welder as it is more versatile than a 110V welder.
Another vote for 220v...

I've seen it with my own two eyes. 220v burns some shiznit.

I think using gas made a bigger difference in the quality of the welds, but there's no way you can burn the thick stuff with 110v without melting down your fusebox.

'course sub can't weld for shit anyway so it doesn't matter with him... :nutkick:
hey your the one who booger welded my spring mount. i still need to go clean it up.
yeah. what are the price ranges of some welders? like a very cheap one then a nice one. cause if im gonna do this, i will probably try and get a welder first, and start practicing. but then again, i need to get an axel soon, just in case they dont have that many.

this is a very good starter welder and would be about teh best choice for a beginner who plans on being able to weld alot of stuff and not worry about the welder breaking.
here is the one i bought because im a cheap bastard. its been a very good welder and i bought the 2 year extended incidental coverage so if i destroy it on purpose it will get replaced for free no questions.
i got it for $199.99 they have other deals on other ones too. i had to buy the gas kit seperate iit was 75 bux for the tank and 25 for the regulator.

i suggest you read up on welders and how they work. personally id go with the lincoln. other good brands are hobart and miller.
the home depot link took me to a random page with no welders on it..... nice one subliminal! i will definitely look up some more welders when i have the time. i just wanted to know from someone with some experience. reviews are not always the best thing to follow. its nice to know from someone who has done the same work that i plan on doing. thanks for the info, and dont think this will be the last thing you help me with!!

dude anytime you need help you can pm me and i can call you on the phone if nescessary.
thanks a lot subliminal! what welder did you want me to look at on the home depot site? just tell me the brand and which one and i will try and find it.

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