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Satellite Radio

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I have a 2007 RAV-4 with the upgraded JBL radio and is satellite ready. When I try to connect with Sirrus to get the ESN # the procedure of tapping the AM button twice then text does not work. Is there another way in getting the ESN #?
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Contact Sirius and they will give the instructions. Let them know you bought the car from the dealer with Sirius installed. They will walk you through it.
Satellite Radio-Update

The JBL radio needs the a satellite tuner and the wiring harness. So far only the XM tuner is available.
Do I have to buy the XM tuner from the dealer? I have the JBL upgrade on my Rav4 07.
I just had this installed for my wife's RAV. Your stereo needs a AM/SAT button and you can do it aftermarket (XM or Sirius). I had it done locally by a guy here in jersey but they ship parts all over for people. SR Audio 908-437-0222 it was 295.00 for parts and like 80.00 in labor. labor won't help you but at least you can get the parts for a resonable price
Sirius will work through display on 07 JBL

I have the 07 Rav with the JBL radio. I had a sirius tuner installed and it works through the am button on my stereo. I can hit the text button and it will show me station, band, and song title. However, it will not scroll though the entire name on the display, it will show only the letters that fit. Toyota has a deal with XM for these parts, but I wanted sirius and took it to a local place where they put in the sirius for me for about 200 dollars cheaper than toyota.
XM False advertising

Thanks. Still a little burned about the $500 option for XM with my RAV4 that came with XM, but took my Roadie to Best Buy and they installed it ($75) just over the DAC (where I can still get to it) and it sounds better than in my previous car.
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