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last night i was watching tlc rides and these guys built a custom manifold for a cadilac v8 northstar motor to put a sc on it. i was thinking why not do the same for the 1mz motor by using a super charger from a ford 3.8L engine. they are cheap enough(and lots of them around) and there is a way to add an intercooler to them.
it wouldn't be dificult to set it up either. and it should be more cost effective than getting a kazuma sc. if some on can just build the manifolds to fit the sc that's about all we'd need.

or am i just blowing smoke? what do you guys think?

here are the specs on the sc i was thinking of:

this is the site for most of the info:

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i thought about doing that for a 3vz when ever i got around to doing my project camry. it is a VERY doable idea but i'm not sure how the 3.8 output is. 3 per a side would kill the idea all 6 lines running out have to be in a row to work. unless it doesnt replace the intake which there are site that sell the centerfugal superchargers.
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