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96 Camry, V6 3.0L, 165k miles:

Thanks 2 u guys, my buddy and I just swapped out my valve cover gaskets, something super advanced for me but I think this is routine for you:grin::

After starting up, normal operation but later my CHECK OIL light came on:surprise::

Pull over, check engine oil --levels FINE, check tranny oil, levels FINE.

Whassup with this?

My more experienced buddy said, "Hey sometimes oil lights kick on cuz of oil COMPOSITION, not levels, and you were spraying around that carb cleaner fluid, right? Also maybe something got freed up and broke off and is not circulating. Minimize driving and tomorrow drop your oil pan and make sure there aren't any freaky boogers in there, and change your oil, too..."

Whaddya think of his advice? Should I do that?

Why is my OIL light on, when levels are FINE..? :frown:

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I believe the oil light sending circuit will not illuminate the light if the sensor is disconnected (someone correct if wrong) so maybe you pinched a wire that is now shorting to ground. The sending unit on my car is above the harmonic balancer not sure if the '95 1MZ is the same or not.

edit - don't run the engine again until you figure out what's going on.
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