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Announcement!! Reliable Scion is hosting the first annual

SCION PINUPS Calendar Search!

on Sunday October 12th, 2008.

Scion Pinups is an idea that we hatched while thinking of a way to replace s3 this year, and what we really wanted to do was have a fun show that would REALLY give back to the owners and show how much we appreciate everything you all do. The show will be a relaxed fun time for all who attend. Anyone in any Scion is welcome to participate. The event runs a few different things all together.


The Scion car show will be held at Reliable Scion on Sunday, October 12th from 10 am - 5 pm. Registration will be for the first 2 hours and we'll begin judging and photography from noon - 4 and have awards done and over by 5pm to give you out of towners to get packed up, go out to eat and head home in time to get a good nights sleep for work on Monday. There will be trophies for the top three of each class Mild and Wild (xB1, xB2, tC, xA and xD) as well as Best of Show, Best I.C.E., Best Wheels, Best Presentation, with some more being added as needed.


We will be catering in some kind of food. Our budget is capable of getting some pretty nice grub, so we're looking at some different ideas on this. My first choice is Larry Ripperger is he is willing and available to cook for everyone. He did the food for our last meeting and it was amazing! He is a competitive BBQ champ and will knock your socks off if we're able to convince him to join up for us. We'll take care of everything, so don't worry about a single thing from water, drinks, silverware, paper plates, snacks, we'll have it under control! Food is NOT to be worried about. ;)


I have some calls in to a few people to get some quality entertainment for the show. You'll likely be hanging out in the parking lot cleaning your car, or getting ready to be judged for a portion of the day, which some people call fun . . . but while you are doing so, I don't want you to feel like you are stuck being bored, so I am looking for some quality entertainment for your prep area. I have some good stuff in mind, so stay tuned.


You all might be aware that Rock Band 2 is coming out soon with all new kinds of songs and features. We'll get a copy of it to play and set it up in our air conditioned waiting lounge where you and your band can come play while you hang out and wait for your photoshoot to be done.


We're going to be taking some great pics during the show that will turn into a 2009 Calendar. Our goal is to get every car in the calendar and to feature the winners on their own pages. These calendars will be handed out to anyone who would like them from Reliable Scion from November until they run out. I have a quote for 1,000 right now, but if anyone knows a good place to get some nice calendars done for a good price, let me know!


We are also looking for a car to feature on our upcoming Reliable Scion billboard. I am looking at a variety of options for this from digital to print and all kinds of ranges. We'll hand pick a car or selection of cars to feature on this advertisement and you can literally get your "name in lights" as they say.


I love a good handout/freebie/schwag as much as anyone. I think you can all attest to Scion and Reliable doing it up really nice for free schwag! There are plenty of things in line for consideration this time around. I think you'll be pretty happy with what we are going to be throwing out for this show! Anything from custom Scion belt buckles to Scion fold out camping chairs and much more.


We're really excited about the good MPG all Scions get, especially since we're going to be covering ALOT of gas. We're going to be handing out $750 worth of gas cards for this show. They'll go for all kinds of good stuff like furthest distance traveled, raffles, etc.

We're gonna make this show worth it for you if you make it out. We're doing it up big and would love to see your car in our 2009 Calendar or on the giant billboard we're getting ready for!

I'd appreciate a sign up list so I can make sure I have enough food, prizes and giveaways for everyone. Show is coming up in 2 1/2 months, so I hope that is enough time for you all to plan accordingly. I'll post up more details as I get them, but for now you have NO EXCUSE to not be here! Calendars, Billboards, Belt buckles, Live Music, Free Food, Rock Band, and of course FREE GAS! ;)

See you there!



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Another announcement!

The ScinergyOZ store is hosting a plethora of Scion Pinups Shirts and other merchandise. If you want to get a Scion Pinups shirt NOW and start wearing it, or get it before the show and have it washed to wear at the show, you can get it now and have it shipped directly to your house! :)

It's all powered by spreadshirt, where you can make money selling shirts. I am not interested in making money on this, I just want to be able to provide a shirt in basically any color, and any size and as many or as few as you want. This is the easiest way I can think of to do so!

So without further adieu, Here it is!

Scion Pinups Store, hosted at the ScinergyOZ Store on ScinergyOZ dot net
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