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new to the forum, but seriously considering a Scion TC within the next week or so...but just a couple questions for anybody that has the Scion TC 5-Speed

What is your average gas mileage? (I already know specs state 22 city / 30 highway, but I'm curious what it averages.)

Follow up to question 1: What conditions do you drive it under? (Local, performance runs, highway, etc)

Does it matter if you use regular or premium gas? (I also read in a couple other forums that premium gives it a lil power boost, but i doubt that...)

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Gas Mileage


I have a tC 5-speed. I have just over 1300 miles on it now. In the city, I have averaged about 25mpg. I just drove it out of town this last weekend and got about 29 mpg.
The conditions that I drive under are pretty much highway. I drive to work each day and get on the interestate for most of the way. When on my road trip, I spent the first 100 miles of my tank in the city and then drove home the rest of the way on the interstate. I am not sure that this gives an accurate reading of true city mileage, but that is my experience with it. I am happy with the mileage though. I traded in a Civic for my tC, which got much better gas mileage, and cost much less to put gas in. However, I am much more satisifed with the tC's performance than I was with my Civic. It is much more fun to drive and is much more peppy and has more power where I need it versus the Civic that I owned. I did not have a Si Civic, just a SOHC v-tec motor. Anyway, hope that this helps.
As far as premium versus normal gas. I put in mid grade gas. I do not think that it would make any difference if I put premium or not. I think that all that is just in peoples head. I read and article that proved that vehicles that do not say it is required actually perform worse than they do with normal gas. Later

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I drive it moderatly, pushing it on occassion to make sure it still has that kick. I have had the A/C on almost all the time. here are my numbers on my first seven tanks:

tank number/ gallons/ miles/ % city/MPG

1/ 11.491/ 256/ 100/ 22.2783
2/ 11.973/ 270.5/ 100/ 22.5925
3/ 6.02/ 126.4/ 100/ 20.9966
4/ 9.651/ 276.8/ 10/ 28.68
5/ 12.117/ 314.4/ 15/ 25.947
6/ 5.462/ 114.5/ 100/ 20.970
7/ 12.173/ 366.6/ 5/ 30.115

total/ 68.89/ 1725.2/ 49.88/ 25.04282
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