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2006 scion tc Blue
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I just bought my scion tc a couple of days ago and am looking on options for a turbo kit. I googled for a while and only came up with two options for a turbo charger. First I saw the Turbonetics and second I saw the ZPI racing turbo. I know that Turbonetics is an awesome company and they have some really good products, but I really don't know about ZPI. If anyone has one of these turbo's or knows of any others for the scion tc could you let me know.


2005 Scion tC
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ok well the turbos that u said ZPI and turbonetics r good.....i hear the scionspeed turbo is good too.......they have clips of them runnin 13's and better that i seen but cant find at this second cuz im on my work computer...... the ZPI is not a ball bearing turbo if that matters.....i dont kno about the others but that i kno 4 a fact......i was thinkin about a turbo but i came to the conclusion its a pain in the ass and i would need lots and lots of $$$ cuz u also will wanna uprgrade ur clutch and perhaps ur internals if u leaning tward the S/C and adding a pulley kit that will produce 9.5-10psi instead of 7 and they are also making a intercooler so i would get that too.......and the S/C is easier to maintain and less of a headach so i think im doin that........and if u find sumthin else out too let me kno so i can correct my info and not sound like a ass lol:D

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First off, let me say that is a HUGE bank of knowledge about Scions. You might sign up and start reading there.

Second, the companies making turbo's are

Dezod -
* Stage 1 turbo

Zero Point Industries (ZPI) -
* Stage 0 & STage 1 Turbo
* They also make a S/C Pully for added boost on the TRD supercharger

Scionspeed - Unsure of their different stages
* it should be noted a LOT of people have had problems getting turbo's from these guys, or, after waiting months, getting their money back. Not even sure if they advertise a turbo on their site anymore.

Sound Performance -
* Currently developing a turbo, looks great, check out their threads on about the process.

Turbonetics -
* May not be on their web page yet. Again, lots of information at

It should be noted both ZPI and another compant NST (Non-Stop Tuning) both make supercharger pullies I believe. I know that NST makes underdrive pullies to free up power at the crank. If you explore the crank pully route in any regard, Please take some serious time to educate yourself on the problems associated with our car's design and lightweight crank pullies. A member of and, Lo_bux_racer, explaines the long-term damage inevitable from running these pullies.

I rarely read this forum, so, if you have a question you can find me on
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