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Pull out the 3 climate control knobs, and you'll see 2 phillips screws. Remove them. Then, using a prying tool that won't scratch or scuff like a screw driver, try and work loose the very bottom of those 2 silver side pieces (this is all one big assembly, so you just want to pop the bottoms loose so you have leverage). Then grab hold, and yank. There will be 3 connectors you have to unplug (ac, 4-ways, and rear defrost) and then you can completely remove that little cluster out of your way. Then, I high recomend using a magnetized phillips screwdriver, and remove the 4 screws that hold the radio bracket in place. Then pull the radio out a bit, and unplug the antenna and the other 2 connectors. Then, I suggest using an 8mm socket to remove the radio bracket screws from the radio itself, because the phillips portion strips if you're not on there hard enough.

And then install your new one and reverse the procedure above. Hope it's helpful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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