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Hey guys,

I drive a 2009 Scion XD with roughly 109k miles.

I was driving my car last weekend for probably 45 minutes with 2 stops in between. At the 3rd stop I turned the car off, but when I went to leave just a minute later it wouldn't start. No engine turnover, no noise. Just the lights on the dash came on and the usually beeping when you switch the key over twice. I replaced the battery, terminals are fine without corrosion, and I don't see any damage to the cables leading to the battery. Next I got the starter changed. The fuses have been checked and are fine. After changing both the starter and battery it still won't start :wtf: I got a starter relay ordered and will be putting it in this afternoon. I drive a manual so I can bump start it to get it running and it doesn't turn off while I'm driving or have it sitting and running. Doubt it's the ignition switch because it does start when forced, and it doesn't have the classic alternator symptoms.

Has anyone encountered this issue, or think they know what could be the problem?

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