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MRQturbo said:
littles road.....just east of markham......
littles road or Sewells Road? :p:

Yeah, I've been to SAW on a couple of occasions, they're about as good as it gets in the GTA. Sometimes they'd have a few Cressidas there, sometimes none. Tercels, on the other hand, they should have a few.

401 to Markham Road -> Head North to Steeles -> Head east on Steeles to Sewells -> South on Sewells, you can't miss it

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repinS said:
littles road or Sewells Road? :p:

Yeah, I've been to SAW on a couple of occasions, they're about as good as it gets in the GTA. Sometimes they'd have a few Cressidas there, sometimes none. Tercels, on the other hand, they should have a few.

401 to Markham Road -> Head North to Steeles -> Head east on Steeles to Sewells -> South on Sewells, you can't miss it
i meant it was a little road east of markham......:lol:

ya..ur is sewells....:thumbup:

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thnx ya'll

lookin for a few things.....

Paseo seats, paseo cluster, paseo sway bar
91-94 tercel bumpers, grill

a small wing w/out LED that will fit the cel

anything i can get my hands on :naughty:

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don't forget the mother of all yards, DOM'S auto wreckers. they are at the 401 & courtice road, just east of Oshawa. while you are there, why not drop by and say hi at Clarington Toyota, we are just down the road.

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here's a FULL list of junk-yards...

All across Ontario

Standard Auto Wreckers
1216 Sewells Rd
Scarborough, ON M1X1S1 416-286-8686
Toll-free: 800-668-5014
Fax: 416-286-8690

North toronto motors

400 Auto Wreckers (Canada) Limited
72 Sluse Road
Holland Landing, ON L9N1G8 905-853-6611
Toll-free: 800-565-8402
Fax: 905-853-0402

Aadison Auto Wreckers Co
50 Lindner
Toronto, ON M6N1B2 416-657-8179

Abe Auto Wreckers Inc
2532 Concession 3 Road
Bowmanville, ON L1C3K8 905-623-5756
Toll-free: 888-355-5666
Fax: 905-697-8118

Advantage Auto Parts & Wreckers
73 Beach Road
Hamilton, ON L8L3Z8 905-549-5202
Fax: 905-549-5202

Ajax Auto Wreckers
147 Westney South
Pickering, ON L1V6L3 905-686-1771

Allison Greenwood Auto Wreckers
395 Kingston Road
Pickering, ON L1V1A3 905-509-2466

Andy's Auto Wreckers
1760 Pension Ln
London, ON N5Y1B4 519-451-1454
Toll-free: 800-265-1945
Fax: 519-452-1660

Applebee Auto Wreckers
361 Eastern Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M1B7 416-469-9632

Archie's Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Sundridge, ON P0A1Z0 705-384-7200
Fax: 705-384-0609

Arends' Auto Wreckers
72 Baldoon Road
Wallaceburg, ON N8A4K9 519-627-5490
Fax: 519-627-1290

Arnold's Auto Wreckers (1986) Limited
1158 Mc Adoo's Ln
Kingston, ON K7K1A1 613-548-3118

Aspdin Auto Wreckers
Huntsville, ON P1H1A1 705-789-7476

Auto Wreckers Unlimited
3611 Jobb Road
Blackstock, ON L0B1B0 905-986-4700

Azilda Auto Wreckers
Regional 35 Road
Azilda, ON P0M1B0 705-983-2220

Baker Auto Wreckers
1955 River
London, ON N5V2E6 519-455-9980
Fax: 519-453-6294

Bill's Auto Wreckers
RR 1
St Andrews West, ON K0C2A0 613-933-6764

Boston Auto Wreckers A Division of 31580 Ontario Limited
113 Mc Cormack
Toronto, ON M6S1B4 416-769-1133

Brown Reg Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Hastings, ON K0L1Y0 705-696-2900
Fax: 705-696-2900

Burford Auto Wreckers
26 Seventh Concession Road
Burford, ON N0E1A0 519-449-5051
Toll-free: 877-812-0309

C&L Auto Wreckers
2506 Miller
Port Colborne, ON L3K5V5 905-834-5990

Cars Auto Wreckers
5499 Kalar Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H3K9 905-354-3636

Casey's Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Uxbridge, ON L9P1R1 905-852-7267
Caughill Auto Wreckers Limited
256 East & West Line
Niagara On The Lake, ON L0S1J0 905-934-1941
Fax: 905-937-1922

Caughill Auto Wreckers
170 Hartzel
St Catharines, ON L2P1P1 905-687-9456

Cedar Auto Wreckers Limited
RR 1
Tilbury, ON N0P2L0 519-682-1141

Cedar Grove Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Carleton Place, ON K7C3P2 613-257-3528
Fax: 613-257-4699

Chaskavich Auto Wreckers
RR 6
Oshawa, ON L1G1A1 905-436-2166

Cindy's Auto Wreckers
27 Whitfield
Hamilton, ON L8L4B5 905-544-8016

y Auto Wreckers&Garage
263 Beach Road
Hamilton, ON L8L4B3 905-547-8696

Cooksville Auto Wreckers
3378 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON L5C1T8 905-277-0356
Fax: 905-277-3117

Corey Auto Wreckers
1804 Gore Road
London, ON N5V1A6 519-455-9040
Toll-free: 800-265-9250
Fax: 519-455-2851

Covill Auto Wreckers
3298 County Road 26
Maitland, ON K0E1P0 613-348-3484
Fax: 613-348-1321

Cowanville Auto Wreckers
91 Cowanville Road
Newcastle, ON L1B1L9 905-987-4636
Fax: 905-987-9829

Cranley Ray Auto Wreckers Limited
RR 1
Lakefield, ON K0L2H0 705-652-3338
Toll-free: 800-375-8001
Fax: 705-652-1133

Dan's Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Trenton, ON K8V1A1 613-392-1126

Derrett Auto Wreckers
RR 3
Havelock, ON K0L1Z0 705-778-2604

Dinsmore Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Thornbury, ON N0H2P0 519-599-2046

Discount Auto Wreckers
1070 Guelph Street
Kitchener, ON N2G3W5 519-745-3240
Fax: 519-653-5920

Dover Auto Wreckers
NO 40 Highway
Pain Court, ON N0P1Z0 519-352-4382
Fax: 519-352-9143

Dunnville Auto Wreckers Limited
1140 Broad East
Dunnville, ON N1A3A1 905-774-7444
Toll-free: 888-791-9368
Fax: 905-774-4233

Ed's Auto Wreckers&Service
RR 1
Port Robinson, ON L0S1K0 905-734-3919

Empire Auto Wreckers
59 Suburban
Guelph, ON N1E6B4 519-837-3133
Fax: 519-837-1176

Erin Township Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Erin, ON N0B1T0 519-833-9775

Essex Auto Wreckers Ltd
65 Gordon Avenue
Essex, ON N8M2M7 519-776-7592
Fax: 519-776-9171

Farrell Auto Wreckers
9820 Biggar
Port Robinson, ON L0S1K0 905-384-9029

Fergus Auto Wreckers
RR 4
Fergus, ON N1M2W5 519-843-2948
Fax: 519-843-4304

Flieler's Auto Wreckers
RR 3
Arden, ON K0H1B0 613-335-2721

Four Hundred Auto Wreckers (Canada) Ltd
72 Sluse Road
Holland Landing, ON L9N1G8 416-745-9511
Toll-free: 800-565-8402
Fax: 905-853-0402

Fred-ricks Auto Wreckers Inc.
RR 2
Pembroke, ON K8A6W3 613-638-2320
Fax: 613-638-2862

G C Auto Wreckers Limited
Plantagenet, ON K0B1L0 613-673-5942

Geen's Auto Wreckers
Thomasburg, ON K0K3H0 613-478-5878

Gold Centre Auto Wreckers
PO BOX 1624 Stn Main
Timmins, ON P4N7W8 705-268-7999
Fax: 705-268-9110

Gord's Auto Wreckers&Scrap Metals
89&25 Highway
Shelburne, ON L0N1S0 519-925-5056

Grey-bruce Auto Wreckers
RR 4
Owen Sound, ON N4K5J8 519-371-8380
Fax: 519-371-8042

Griffin Auto Wreckers
RR 2 Stn Main
Guelph, ON N1H6H8 519-824-1508
Fax: 519-824-2343

Hagersville Auto Wreckers
Indian Line
West Lorne, ON N0L2P0 905-768-1121
Fax: 905-768-1339

Hall's Auto Wreckers
440 Morobel Drive
Milton, ON L9T1R3 905-878-2251
Fax: 905-878-8943

Halton Auto Wreckers
Georgetown, ON L7G4S4 905-877-7289

Hank's Auto Wreckers
St Clements, ON N0B2M0 519-699-5283
Fax: 519-699-4744

Hank's Auto Wreckers
St Clements, ON N0B2M0 519-658-6960
Fax: 519-699-4744

Hanks Auto Wreckers
Kitchener, ON N2M5J9 519-745-4495
Fax: 519-699-4744

Helmand Auto Wreckers Limited
15550 Simcoe Street
Sunderland, ON L0C1H0 705-357-2001

Hillcrest Auto Wreckers Limited
72 Centre
Corbyville, ON K0K1V0 613-962-3264

Hilltop Auto Wreckers
195 Snively
Richmond Hill, ON L4B1A1 905-773-5806

Hornepayne Auto Wreckers&Salvage
1 Spruce
Hornepayne, ON P0M1Z0 807-868-1060

Huntsville Auto Wreckers
2575 60th Highway
Dwight, ON P0A1H0 705-635-1856
Fax: 705-635-1856

Huronia Auto Wreckers&Recycling Limited
Collingwood, ON L9Y3Z1 705-445-4440
Fax: 705-424-2002

J&B Auto Wreckers (Essex) Limited
1637 Provincial Road
Windsor, ON N8X3Y8 519-969-0300
Fax: 519-969-9458

Jessica's Auto Wreckers Limited
RR 2
Barrie, ON L4M1A1 705-722-9607

Jones Auto Wreckers
1 Thora Avenue
Scarborough, ON M1L2P7 416-690-1058

Karwatha Auto Wreckers Ltd.
Cambray, ON K0M1E0 705-374-4210

Kings Auto Wreckers
RR 8
Peterborough, ON K9H1A1 705-745-6289
Fax: 705-745-6291

L & L Auto Wreckers
2 Concession Harley
New Liskeard, ON P0J1P0 705-647-4949

Labelle Auto Wreckers
1346 Sandy Falls Road
Timmins, ON P4N7C3 705-268-3027

Lakefield Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Lakefield, ON K0L2H0 705-652-3803

Larry's Auto Wreckers
4173 Lasalle
Petrolia, ON N0N1R0 519-882-1351

Mac's Auto Wreckers
842 Nebo
Hamilton, ON L8R3J3 905-527-3554

Mac's Auto Wreckers
842 Nebo
Mount Hope, ON L0R1W0 905-679-4727

Marmora Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Marmora, ON K0K2M0 613-472-3664

Mcintyre Auto Wreckers Limited
2182 Keene Road
Peterborough, ON K9H1A1 705-748-5080
Fax: 705-748-2792

Mckenny Auto Wreckers
605 Sweezy West
Trout Creek, ON P0H2L0 705-723-5364

Mckenzie Auto Wreckers
3245 Lovell
Alvinston, ON N0N1A0 519-898-2995

Mclaughlin's Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Collingwood, ON L9Y3Z1 705-445-3701

Meaford Auto Wreckers
158335 Grey Road 22
Meaford, ON N4L1W5 519-538-1259
Fax: 519-538-4068

Milton Auto Wreckers
RR 6
Campbellville, ON L0P1B0 905-854-9955

Mississauga Auto Wreckers Limited
1837 Romani Court
Mississauga, ON L4W3Y2 905-564-5600

Mull Auto Wreckers
10524 Knights Line
Blenheim, ON N0P1A0 519-676-8919

Myers & Sons Auto Wreckers
RR 3
Tiverton, ON N0G2T0 519-368-7352

New-york Auto Wreckers Ltd
81 McCormack Street
York, ON M6N1X8 416-766-2453

Newans Auto Wreckers
10213 Land O'Nod
North Augusta, ON K0G1R0 613-926-2500
Fax: 613-926-2975

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Nieson Auto Wreckers Limited
Hespeler Highway
Cambridge, ON N1P1A1 519-621-3240
Fax: 519-622-8082

Norwood Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Norwood, ON K0L2V0 705-639-5759

Nuhn's Auto Wreckers Recyclers
RR 1
Chatsworth, ON N0H1G0 519-794-2746
Fax: 519-794-4536

Number 9 Auto Wreckers
9th Highway
Bolton, ON L7E1A1 905-857-6200
Toll-free: 800-263-3267

Number 9 Auto Wreckers
9th Highway
Tottenham, ON L0G1W0 905-936-4943
Toll-free: 800-263-3267

Parkdale Auto Wreckers
401 Parkdale North
Hamilton, ON L8H2K3 905-544-2881

Parkers Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Chatham, ON N7L1A1 519-352-6745

Paul's Auto Wreckers Inc
456 77th Highway
Leamington, ON N8H1N2 519-326-6146

Phillips Auto Wreckers
RR 4
Ingersoll, ON N5C3S7 519-485-4520
Fax: 519-425-0906

Plank Road Auto Wreckers
1295 Plank Road
Sarnia, ON N7T4S2 519-344-1671
Fax: 519-344-9736

Port Perry Auto Wreckers
2831 7A Highway
Blackstock, ON L0B1B0 905-986-4281

Quick's Auto Wreckers&Repairs
286 Essex Road 31
Leamington, ON N8H3V5 519-326-9849
Toll-free: 800-561-4283
Fax: 519-326-9849

Redbridge Auto Wreckers
51 Gibson Mill Road
Redbridge, ON P0H2A0 705-663-1811

Roger's Auto Wreckers
Wilberforce, ON K0L3C0 705-448-2161

Rollins' Auto Wreckers
623 Slab
Madoc, ON K0K2K0 613-473-2242
Fax: 613-473-0139

Ron Tracy Auto Wreckers
County Road 90
Utopia, ON L0M1T0 705-726-8487
Fax: 705-726-9258

Sarnia Auto Wreckers Limited
1241 Plank
Sarnia, ON N7T3C4 519-344-2489
Fax: 519-344-9906

Scott Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Petrolia, ON N0N1R0 519-882-1607

Sidney Auto Wreckers
RR 5
Trenton, ON K8V5P8 613-392-5201

Spilek Auto Wreckers
Maple Leaf, ON K0L2R0 613-338-5455

Starvin Marvin's Auto Wreckers
RR 3
Shelburne, ON L0N1S0 519-925-3072

Steele Auto Wreckers
20 Fullarton
Strathroy, ON N7G3G8 519-245-2890

Stephens Auto Wreckers Limited
6591 Fernbank Road
Stittsville, ON K2S1B6 613-836-2442

Stephens Auto Wreckers
RR 2
Wiarton, ON N0H2T0 519-534-0258
Toll-free: 800-266-2853
Fax: 519-534-5012

Streetsville Bush Auto Wreckers & Parts Inc.
6621 Tremaine
Milton, ON L9T2X5 905-878-6455
Fax: 905-878-3241

Sunny Acres Auto Wreckers Garage
RR 2
Ridgetown, ON N0P2C0 519-674-2363

Sunshine Auto Wreckers
Sand Dam
North Bay, ON P1B8J5 705-497-3039

Sutton Auto Wreckers
5110 Baseline Road
Sutton West, ON L0E1R0 905-722-5687

Tagco Auto Wreckers
215 Millen
Stoney Creek, ON L8E2G6 905-662-0264

Tate's Auto Wreckers
259 Cleaver
Brantford, ON N3T5L7 519-442-2224

Thurlow Auto Wreckers
150 Sills Road
Plainfield, ON K0K2V0 613-477-2717

Turcott Auto Wreckers
695 Government West
Chaput Hughes, ON P0K1A0 705-568-8383

Uxbridge Auto Wreckers
RR 1
Uxbridge, ON L9P1A1 905-852-6895
Toll-free: 800-637-0488
Fax: 905-852-9258

Walkerton Auto Wreckers
RR 4
Walkerton, ON N0G2V0 519-881-1679
Toll-free: 800-881-1679

White Star Auto Wreckers Limited
271 Bay North
Hamilton, ON L8N1G4 905-522-7024

1998 Toyota Paseo
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Thanks for that extensive list 4E-GE!:thumbup:

I'm in Oakville and looking for cheap rims for my 98 Paseo. What price can I expect them to charge me for a set of 4 rims?

Btw I have a 4 nut/bolt pattern wheel, hope it's not too rare.:confused:

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I think I saw a Seo @ nicklin Auto, in guelph

its at Jones Baseline + Hwy 7, take 401 to Hwy 6 South, head north towards puslinch/guelph

turn right at stone rd and left on victoria rd
then right at eastview, go up a mofo sized hill and its on the right hand side before jones baseline

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Do not use

Just don't use

Very unprofessional service. After calling this number, the person (Sam) stated that he would be willing to provide $250 for my car.

He said someone would come by at 9:30 a.m. the next day. Nobody showed up. I called at 9:45 a.m. -- guy says he forgot. :headbang:

So we reschedule for the next day.

Guy is 1.5 hrs LATE. :headbang:

When the tow truck driver finally arrived, he said that they are only willing to pay $200. :headband:

Horrible service. :thumbsdow
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