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Scratched Bumber - Painted or Not?

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I have a 2000 SLE Convertible and the front bumper was scratched when my better half backed into my car with her Sienna Van. I have looked at plastic polishes to repair but they are only recommended for unpainted bumpers (i.e. they are the same color all the way through) Does my Solara have a unpainted or painted bumper?

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Painted, how deep is the scratch? If you are asking, then you do not see the black plastic yet. If it is just the clear coat that is scratched you can use that plastic polish and did you try wiping it with acetone nail polish remover soaked rag? sometimes it is just a scuff and that will clean it up.
If you are asking, then you do not have deep scratch, the plastic below is black.

How deep is the scratch? or is it more of a scuff? wipe it with a soft rag soaked with goof off (lighter fluid) or nail polish remover. If it is a scuff in the clear coat, that will do.

Your bumper is painted, so plastic polish would not be good. Not even for shallow scratch because you will rub off the clear coat then colour coats, and that would look messy.
Thanks - It's Scratched

Thanks - Yes - it's scratched. There are several spots showing black each about 3" long and 3/4" wide.

Could this be fixed by a novice DYI'er? Do you know of websites that sell aftermarket spray paint of the toyota colors?
^^ Dude you have a nice hot car. Here in houston for $125 i get hook up price for bumper refinish. Check around locally, for under $250 you can fix and repaint your bumper. If its a surface scratch i understand, but just shop with body shops, if the scratch is not that deep, all they need to do is sand and re-spray it!
Scratch to the black plastic will require you to build up the surface evenly for the colour and clear clear to look uniform.

You are looking at about 100 dollars in supplies for that. I resprayed my bumper and the approx price was;
Sand paper (10), filler (5), flex primer (15), colour matched spray can (35), tack rags (10) clear coat(10).
Then some polishing compound which I had already. I got tack cloth free also
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