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Well I went to a class event today to help out some girl scouts in some camp thing.
It was out in the country and it had been raining all night and was still raining that morning(7:30). The camp was on a dirt now turned mud road but it was still a hard surface so I wasn't worried about getting stuck.
We had to park in some grass fenced in area away from the camp.

Anyway, when we left for lunch the place was a mud pit. Everyone was stuck in the back but the people in the front including me were ok. So after helping out a few trucks and getting my car sprayed with slinging mud from those trucks we went to lunch.

When we came back they were wanting us to move our cars so they don't sink anymore than they already had. My car drove out fine with a little slinging mud but on the way out the narrow gate I was more worried about keeping my speed up to prevent getting stuck I nailed the gate with my passenger rear door.

SO, now I have two long scratches about an inch in width down to the metal along the entire passenger rear door. Marks of character I say:lol:

I like my car and all but I'm getting real tired of being in these situations and not having a 4 wheel drive:mad:
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