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Screeching Starter

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Hello, First post! and believe it or not, I've read the last 25 pages of this forum, and I couldn't find anything related to this.

My starter sometimes makes a loud screeching noise, almost like a slip. The only problem however, is that its been doing it sometimes since it was 2 years old, and now it being almost 20 (its a 1988) it does it more frequently. Can anyone provide any help to that?

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Performance Boost Safe?

Hello, I've read the articles about modifying the AFM, its back in page 20 something of this forum. I ran across this article when I was searching in google. Can anyone provide insight if this is even feasible? or safe?


link :

edit: oh gawd! i didn't realize i hit reply instead of new thread! I guess 2 in one?
well if it's been doing it for 18 yrs i don't see the point of fixing it... you sure it's the starter or is it belts?
That generation had a problem with the starter's bendix drive (the small gear that comes out of the starter and engages and turns the flywheel) not meshing perfectly with the teeth on the flywheel. A harsh and loud rasping sound results. The only fix now for this problem, after so many years, is to replace the flywheel and the starter. That is an expensive repair as the transmission has to come out to get to the flywheel.

OK, you get my crazy answer for this one. I had a 1990 Camry that I struggled with this for years. I understand that these starters had belt systems similar to what you find in automatic transmissions. When the belts slip you get a noise similar to the Bendix grinding on the flywheel (flex plate). Before I ponied up for a replacement starter I found that if I waited 20 seconds after it made the noise (instead of bumping the key several times right afterward) before I tried to crank it again it started up with no further grinding about 75% of the time. Try it, it can't hurt.

If you do have a faulty Bendix and it has torn up the Bendix gear and the flexplate then Mike's answer holds. If you are willing to work on it, pull the starter (very easy - disconnect battery neg post too) and look at the gear. If it is all chewed up then you probably have the faulty Bendix problem. At this point you may want to figure out how to turn the engine over manually. You can get a mirror and light positioned to see the flywheel gear through the starter hole. Rotate the engine to inspect the teeth on the entire gear (put a marker dot of paint on it so you know when you have gone around one time). You should then know if the flexplate needs to be replaced.

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Yeah, my thoughts were what you guys said. just wasn't that technical. probably wont do anything to it. I find if i just jump around on the seats everything settles into place and starts properly.
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