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SDS Video.. (need hosting)

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SDS Video.. (need hosting) ?? Anyone ??

Sup, I have here a video of the SDS system in a Camry running through the curves of San Francisco's San Bruno Mountain.. :-D If someone is intrested in running a host on this video, please email me at [email protected].. I'll be glad to give you the vid.

PS: I'll elaborate more on the details.


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im at girlfriends house so no e-mail client here, add me to msn or e-mail me the info and I will host it. [email protected]
no way you did not get the blower, samson!! :eek:

If you did, you better take me around in it!!!!
LoL your in SF, hah, yea I did get the huge blower :-D If you see a beige Camry with a loud exhaust and whining sound from it's engine then that's me.. :-D
Anyways, What's your bandwidth defiantonder.. I have here a 16mb avi, hosted on my friend's server, but I don't want to borrow his bandwidth like a whore. I'll email you the link if you're capable of handling such a file hah. :p

PS: I noticed that watching the video a few times, I don't think it portrays the pull the system has... But if the video is posted, watch my head bob around.... ? I should had installed a pendulum on the mirror hahah!! It should show the g's exerted on me.. :-D
Send that baby this way, I can host it for ya, I have a 1gig of of bandwidth that I don't use.

Send me a PM and I'll give you my email addy to send it to
SDS Video Hostified

I'll leave it up for a week so that everybody can take a look at it
^ linky no worky
It works.... what kinda error are you getting 404?
Nice, I wanna go for a drive on that road!!
I can't see anything but that bigass mirror.

mount the camera loewr next time :/
it worked for me. so...what kidna speed were u doin?
spongebob said:
i just hear the sound but no video
me too
both audio and video worked for me, when hosting runs out contact me. it sounds a little ricey to me, do you have an EXHAUST tip or something, whats your setup?
give the video a couple minutes to download...

but it is nice to see someone spend some money on their car, get some actual results, just too bad you didn't really wind that sucker out, let that baby scream
props..I wish I was on that road. How fast were you going?
waited like 5-10 min still no video just sound clip
You guys probably need the DivX codec.

You can grab it at
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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