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SE Suspension & other differences

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Hello, all.

I have a 93 SE, 5 speed, 6 cylinder; great car. Toyota mentions that there are diffeerences in it that the LE & XLE do not have, mainly in the suspension. Does anyone know what all these might be? It'd be great to have a list of these differences.

Also, could anyone describe if these different items (say the shocks for instance) match any aftermarket items, so as to make it easy to replace the OEMs when the trime comes.



Drive laughing:lol:
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The swaybars are bigger, and i believe that there was a slight difference in the struts/springs. You got yourself a nice and rare car. :thumbup:

Drive laughing for sure! :D
Supposedly the steering ratio was shorter or something I'm not sure on that. Never heard the strut/spring was any different than the ones from the LE or so. Just the rsb was a little thicker than the LE ones and something about the steering.
thicker rear sway bar and much stiffer springs, shocks were the same.
1: RSB as a little thicker.
2: Springs were a little different (and possible mounts, not sure on that)
------Suspension can be swapped with any from an LE/XLE and it will work.
3: Steering was different.
4: Different ECU
5: SE Only interior (Seat upholsty, black steering wheel, shifter, e-brake).
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