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when using seafoam you put a 3rd of the can in the brake booster? another 3rd in the gas tank and another 3rd in the crankcase?
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Purty much. And since you're pouring it into the crank case, make sure you are at least 500 to 1k away from an oil change.
it says only drive for 10 miles then change your oil because it thins it out so much and add it in the gas tank when youre lower on fuel so it dosent dilute so much
^^^only 10 miles???

RningOnFumes - its ok to leave it for 500m?

i was thinking for a few days...
would the fuel filter need replacing after a 3rd of seafoam in the tank?

how long after putting seafoam in the brake booster should one change the spark plugs? or what else should be changed after using in the brake booster?
if the tune up was recent then no need for fuel filter or plugs if you havent yet then you prob should replace sometime after seafoaming. and yes it thins the oil out. you wouldnt want to take any chances
Manny is right about the filter and plugs.

As far as leaving it in the case, I was referring to what others here have done--Search it and you'll find many threads on seafoam. Also if you google it, there are a few seafoam vids on u-tube, one or two by camry members here.
yeah its not really that hard from what ive seen. i am going to do it next oil change >1,000k and im going to make a simple how to for all the gen4 because it took me forever to find one =P
i've search here and youtube.. i was just wondering how long the car can go before really needing the spark plugs change..

it needs a tune-up so ima do basic stuff.oil change, tb clean, change spark plugs

so change the spark plugs after doing seafoam in brake booster?
yeah seafoam it then give it a tune up, fuel filter, plugs, wires, air filter, oil, oil filter. the basics
how many times you guys use the seafoam in the brake booster line? once? twice? or more?

i did it twice... wow. more smoke then i thought... not a lot but both times that i did it, there was about the same amount of smoke.
did you have a noticeable improvement after every time you did it?
i havent gone anywhere today. i put the seafoam in the booster, tank, and oil...

the car does start up a little easier. i USE TO hear a very loud screech sound at start up then goes away.
but after the seafoam IT STOP. (im very happy)

but i did notice somewhat of a roughER idle after the seafoam.. but my spark plugs may just be dirty
yeah seafoam is known to eat away at the plugs so if you havent recently replaced them try that. i cant wait to seafoam my car i have to wait another 500 miles though
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