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seafoaming-just to make sure

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i found their website and it only says 2cyl, 4cyl and diesels. i have the v6 3vz. just making sure it will work.... doing it tomorrow.
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It says cycles as in steps in getting power, not cylinder. 2 cycle engines are lawn mowers and such, most all (except rotary) engines in automobiles are 4 cycle engines.

You are good to go.
ok thanks. i just did it and it all went good. accept everytime it sucked up some of the seafoam the enigne would go higher in rpm. not sure if thats what supposted to happen.. then took it for a drive and the rpm's are smoother and it just seems like it has some new life:thumbsup: would it be ok if i change the oil 2morrow? it needs to be done and i have the day off so i figured do it.
did you add 1/3 to the oil? if so then yes. it is also a good idea to do spark plugs if they havent been done in a while
no i actually did it threw the hose. but im due for an oil change. i i replaced the spark plugs 2 months ago so i think im good
i hope you only did 1/3 into the intake more than that can and i have seen cause problems. did you use the rest in your gas tank? but you could of used 1/3 in your oil crankcase and ran the car for like 100 miles then changed the oil it would of cleaned all down in there too but its not really needed. i seafoamed not too long ago and i just put another whole can into my gas tank (1oz per gallon) and im getting 25mpg from sprinted asshole driving as i call it my max befor was 22 and it was grandma driving
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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