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Search tips for Corolla purchase needed

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I am currently in the porcess of finding my g'friend a reliable used Corolla to replace her aged 93 Corsica, as I'm tired of constantly repairing it, and listing to her complain about how crappy it runs. I personally have a rusted out 86 Nova (Corolla), as well as a "summer only" 88 325is BMW.

I had decided on the Corolla since my Nova has given me such great service (I bought it for 900CAD, and after minimal repairs, I am totally suprised at it's durability. Too bad its' sooo underpowered, and burns oil).

The Corolla that I wanna get her, is on the 5000-8000CAD range with air, 5 speed, and cruise as the main options. Anyhting else is just a bonus.

Can you guys please help me wiht my search, as to which models to consider, as well as what I should look for in these cars?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm located in Regina, Saskatchewan, and if anyone knows of a car that meets my criteria, I'll be willing to fly out, and drive it home (as far as to B.C. for the "right " car)
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my 98 corolla is really nice and we got it for 4800 USD
dlichterman said:
my 98 corolla is really nice and we got it for 4800 USD
That's a freakin steal! A car like that up here in Sasakatchewan would easily go for 6000USD
i found my 2000 5 speed for 5,000 after some haggling. IT does need a new clutch however
St/\\\nfeld - I can check around for you - I'm a salesman for Ens Lexus Toyota in Saskatoon - It shouldnt be too hard to find, gimme a couple days.

i got my 02 rolla for 9000 usd. im happy... but does a 5 speed come with cruise?
yeah you can get cruise with either auto or standard
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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